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pura d'or

Pure. Proven. Powerful

(essential oils to restore hair, skin, and body)

PURA D’OR Vision & Mission Statement PURA D’OR was created with the vision of transforming people’s lives through crafting organic, natural & plant-based products that are minimalistic and sustainable for Mother Earth. All PURA D’OR products are made with our 3 core values: Purity in Every Bottle, Peace with Mother Earth and Proven Results for our Customers. PURITY: We have walked, tirelessly, to every corner of the globe - from the densest jungles of the Amazon to the highest peaks in the Himalayas to the mystical ocean of Jeju Island - to source the purest ingredients and formulate them into a single bottle for your use. Every ingredient is tested for purity and certified as wild-crafted or organic when possible. Even the water we use is filtered through 7-stage reverse osmosis and then distilled to remove all traces of impurities. Any ingredient that is harmful to the body or to Mother Earth, is quickly discarded. The final product is, in essence – PURE. PEACE: Even as a small family owned company, we realized that our carbon footprint can be enormous. We minimize this by using recyclable packaging, renewable energy via our state-of-the art, solar powered facility and sustainable and fair-trade practices such as responsibly sourcing raw ingredients only when it does not negatively impact the natural habitat or harm the environment. We make PEACE with Mother Earth because we treasure her, dearly. PROVEN: All our products are manufactured in the USA, using ingredients that has been proven effective for thousands of years throughout history and civilizations around the world. We carefully handcraft our products from scratch in small batches, which we use ourselves, daily. However, that is simply not enough. We question everything in the process because we want to continually improve and evolve. That is why we run our products through independent 3rd party clinical trials to extensively test its effectiveness and potency. The results are PROVEN and POWERFUL. PURA D'OR’s Vision was dreamt of 10 years ago when the company was first formed and we have never wavered from that beginning. These convictions are stronger today than ever before even as we grew our company 100 times its original size. Unlike most big corporations who outsource to maximize their profits, automate processes and minimize their work, we still run our company the same traditional way: Made in small batches with all our hearts as the main ingredient.

PURA D’OR is driven by a desire to provide plant-based solutions to your toughest hair problems. Innovative formulas infused with premium organic oils and natural extracts combat hair thinning due to breakage, rejuvenate hair, strengthen strands, clarify, cleanse, and repair all hair types. PURA D’OR is best known for the fiercely loyal following of their 3 lines targeting all stages of hair thinning. Whether you are starting to experience hair thinning, or are looking for the ultimate results-driven solution, there is a PURA D’OR formula for you. All PURA D’OR products are free of harsh chemicals with no parabens or sulfates and are hypo-allergenic, color safe and gluten free. PURA D’OR PROMISE Every PURA D’OR product is formulated without the following:
















PURITY In Every Bottle From hand-selected ingredients, and natural preservative systems, to strict adherence to our PURA D'OR Promise List, we value never putting harmful chemicals or additives into our products. PREMIUM HAND SELECTED INGREDIENTS + ORGANIC ALOE VERA BASES "Exclusive focus on naturally-powered formulas – in-house lab & chemists dedicated to finding and sourcing unique extracts, oils, plants and proteins. NATURALLY-BASED PRESERVATIVE SYSTEM Proprietary natural preservative system safely and effectively eliminates the use of controversial preservatives. CONSISTENT CRUELTY FREE STATUS No animal derived ingredients & Never tested on animals. CRAFTED WITH CARE Each and every batch of our products is proudly made in the USA with renewable energy. From formulation, to development, filling and completion, every product is made in-house, and monitored for strict quality control and consistency. We do not believe in using contract manufacturers. FORMULATED, DEVELOPED AND BOTTLED AT THE SOURCE IN THE USA. CAREFULLY MANUFACTURED IN-HOUSE For strict quality control and guaranteed consistent levels of active ingredients in each batch. MADE WITH RENEWABLE ENERGY Solar powered facilities reinforce brand’s dedication to the environment and eco focus as a whole.

The PURA D'OR Promise

Eden Reforestation Projects

PURA D'OR is working together with Eden Reforestation Projects to take part in giving back to nature by restoring global forests. PURA D'OR has committed to planting 100,000 trees over the span of 10 months. That is at a rate of 10,000 trees a month. On top of the trees we have committed to, PURA D'OR will also plant one tree for every bottle purchased at our online store, and we will not stop until we have planted 10 Million trees in the next decade.

What is Eden Reforestation Projects? Eden Reforestation Projects is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest restoration. Known as the one of the most-cost effective reforestation projects on the planet, Eden Reforestation Projects hire the poorest of the poor to grow, plant, and guard to maturity native species forest on a massive scale.

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