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Mama Pigeon Soap.**YEAR END SPECIAL** $2BARS just pay for shipping. COMMITMENT TO PURITY OF PRODUCT

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Mama Pigeon Soap & Handmade Gifts is a small family owned company dedicated to crafting all natural soap that is safe for our skin and environment.

Their passion is to make products that nourish our skin, while also nurturing our environment. There packaging is made of recycled materials, all soap holders and and soap soaks are up-cycled or re-purposed materials.

Mama Pigeon Soap is committed to choosing clays and essential oils, from farms around the world that are certified organic, and are responsibly sourced.

In Mama Pigeon Soap, the essential oils, in particular are never altered by artificial means. They are never diluted, altered, or synthetically modified.


  1. Ecologically and Sustainable Products

  2. No animal testing

  3. Wildcrafted

  4. Soap is never mixed with any chemical compounds

  5. No GMO's, never.

  6. No artificial colors or fragrances

To order products or $2 SPECIAL contact Mama Pigeon Soap directly by email.

Mama Pigeon also makes custom soap and products by request.

Leah Pigeon at

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