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Let's eat healthy. Holistic Plant Based diet for longevity.

Caroline Lewis-Jones is a dancer, choreographer, and life coach. I first met Caroline in the early 2000's. I hired her as a dancer for the Latin Billboard Awards, before the Latin Billboard Awards was a thing. She was a young dancer, beautiful, and a fierce competitor. I will never forget, right before we were about to fly to Miami, for the show, I get a call from her dad. "You are a legit choreographer, and your going to look after my girl?" I thought it was the most amazing conversation. He was so active in his daughters life, even though he was hundreds of miles away. It's no wonder that Caroline Lewis-Jones has become a life coach, and her main mission prolong the life-span of a dancers professional career. Since then Caroline has gotten married, become a mother, and still dominates in her field. I wanted to share her with you because she is truly an inspiration and her Plant Based recipes are amazing. She is an amazing dancer, but even more, an amazing human sharing her passion with the world. You can find her on Instagram@clinelewisjones or on Facebook@ or on her website@

Caroline Lewis-Jones from South Carolina, has been dancing for over 35 years. She is a mom, married, and is a certified Holistic Health Coach through IIN. Her focus is Plant Based Lifestyle coaching. At the age of 18 she moved to New York City where she performed for six years. Her credits include the VMA’s with NSYNC, the Latin Grammy Awards, many Commercials, Disney Industrials, Britany Spears and Madonna “Me Against the Music” video, MTV’s Body Rock Fitness Video, and more. 

Her true passion lies within contemporary company work, where she had the opportunity to work for Mia Michaels Company R.A.W, Sonya Tayeh, Parsons Project, Dee Caspary’s IV Dance Company, Notario Dance Company, Rhapsody and Company, Soul Escape. She also choreographs for studios around the country, and has taught for Adrenaline Dance Convention for 12 years and The Dance Sessions. 

Caroline has a deep passion for inspiring healthy living and educating dancers on performance, longevity, and protection. 15 years ago she joined a community called Health Made Simple and partnered with a company called Juice Plus. Her motto is if you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?

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