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re-Set.  re-Connect.   re-Imagine.
Lets Flow!


"I will share important enhancements that you can make in your life in 2023 with the Three R's: 


re-SET        re-Connect      re-IMAGINE



the heart of a reset is an important intention: No matter what we do or what level we are at , every one of us goes on autopilot from time to time. You get heads down, blinders on, and don’t notice the impact you’re having on others. You might lose track of a sound reading on your effectiveness. The more you take on, the more responsibility that you attain ,  the more people you impact when you’re on autopilot and the greater consequences  throughout your life.


think about this simple fact: No baby is born sarcastic. No toddler walks around being critical, as funny as that might sound. People become that way; it’s one of a million learned behaviors. The notion of reconnecting is about returning you to who you were before you developed some of the bad habits along the way.  It’s that simple.  This is about getting back in touch with what I call your core strengths. It’s about recommitting and rededicating yourself to being the best of who you are and offering it to others



it invites you to think bigger and from a fresh perspective. What if people had creative, inspired time on their hands. What would they create? How willing  are you to explore this side of yourself ? Or how about complaining — can you imagine what the world would be like if you never heard a complaint? It’s a radical idea. You seriously have to use your imagination. For some people, thinking about giving up the complaining is a very tall order. But consider this: What if you  could have all of the time back that you spend either complaining or listening to the complaints of others? What might you fill it with? After we Reset and Reconnect,

both of those open up space to... 



Ohm Yoga NYC

Breathe Easy


Starting this website,  I was worried if I looked fat, or if my toes were pointed, or my legs were straight?    It was an echo of what I was as a dancer… this has been rooted deep inside me.  

But, finding yoga has made me realize, all of this “noise,” is just noise.    

Keep in mind yoga doesn't mean the same thing to everyone it could have a completely different meaning to you, which I love. Yoga isn’t a fixed thing, neither are we, our perceptions are different, which makes us unique, yet the same.  Yoga can change for you on a day to day basis, which if embraced can be a beautiful journey.

We are all just finding silence in the midst of a storm...

Digital art exhibit


Using Mobile Phones
  • Tuesday 8:30am-9:30am PUTNAM LOCATION and Hybrid(Online)
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    Tue, Sat1 hr
    10 US dollars
  • Thursdays 6:30pm-7:45pm PUTNAM LOCATION and Hybrid (Online)
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    Thu1 hr 15 min
    10 US dollars
  • Saturday 9/11@1130am@1917 Putnam Ave. Air purifier, AC, bathroom
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    Sat1 hr 15 min
    10 US dollars
  • One-on-One Yoga by Appointment In-Person and Online Sessions
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    1 hr
    80 US dollars
  • This class is open to all levels, from the beginner to the advanced.
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    Sun1 hr 15 min
    $10 (sug.donation_


"The only Zen at the top of the mountain, is the Zen you bring with you." 

-Zen Proverb

About Ohm Yoga NYC

Unlock Your Inner Calm

Shawn is grateful to be embarking on his own website, but the All Yoga community will always be home.   All of the teachers from All Yoga hope that we can continue this community until we can make it back to our mats in a studio. Shawn started his teaching and yoga journey with

All Yoga and it forever changed his life.

Originally from Colorado, Shawn discovered gymnastics and dance at a young age.  He discovered  body awareness and breath through movement.  During his professional dance career he found yoga.  He loved its subtle energies, body alignment, and breath work in order to sustain that career.  After retiring from the stage, Shawn returned to school and received his MFA in choreography with honors from the Conservatory of Dance, Purchase College, SUNY.  He is currently faculty at three area colleges.
Shawn discovered his teaching of yoga at AllYogaNYC and has not turned back. He completed his 200hr TT Contemplative Yoga Training under the precise and highly qualified guidance of Christina Rufin and Casey Beauchamp.  After completing the YTT he then began to teach at All Yoga for the past 3 years.  He is excited about this yogic journey and he wants to share this with others. The importance of an open mind, the correct alignment and synchronized breath in his teaching are essential parts of his focus in the practice.  He is excited to embark on this new adventure with you and discover new pathways.