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"Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life, here to make a difference." DC

Lets Flow!



08/02 Tuesdays Start-the-Day Vinyasa @830am.   text 646-271-0885 for zoom.


08/04 Thursdays Energetic @630pm No Class


08/06 Saturday Fluid Flow @noon (Look for the NEWJonesBeachFLOW) No Class


08/07 Sunday Restore&Reflect Sundays@1030am@WoodbineNYC@585 Woodward Ave.  (Donation based practice). Regular space.    

Be vulnerable, be receptive, be joy! skg





Ohm Yoga NYC

Breathe Easy


Starting this website,  I was worried if I looked fat, or if my toes were pointed, or my legs were straight?    It was an echo of what I was as a dancer… this has been rooted deep inside me.  

But, finding yoga has made me realize, all of this “noise,” is just noise.    

Keep in mind yoga doesn't mean the same thing to everyone it could have a completely different meaning to you, which I love. Yoga isn’t a fixed thing, neither are we, our perceptions are different, which makes us unique, yet the same.  Yoga can change for you on a day to day basis, which if embraced can be a beautiful journey.

We are all just finding silence in the midst of a storm...

Iyengar Yoga